Lean manufacturing: effectiveness by reduction of waste

When talking about lean manufacturing, the only thing that comes to one’s mind is that to improve production process’ efficiency. But if you go through the book stuff, you’ll come to know that there’s more to it.

It’s a philosophy that embarks upon the practices of eliminating all kinds of waste to make the business the best it can be! 
Lean Manufacturing
Companies require experts and professionals to exercise these activities as it’s not a piece of cake for all. Many firms do try to practice lean manufacturing solely with the help of some written texts and merging departments, but an expert professional eliminates any room for error and creates a scope for improvement and innovation. A man’s job can never be done by anything else!!

Waste in Lean methodology can be classified into three main categories:
  1. Muda” (work that does not add value)
  2. Muri  (overburden)
  3. Mura” (unevenness)
Lean Manufacturing

Work that doesn’t add value and overburden can be easily understandable, but unevenness can disrupt the smoothness of the production flow. Unevenness can be perceived when there are no orders placed in during the lead time. To avoid this, it is recommended to place orders frequently to ensure smooth flow of work.

Lean Manufacturing

To reduce excessive waste does not only count upon the raw material waste. There are several frontiers where firms can get a hold and enable a lean methodology.
  • Shrinking the size of the package which reduce space and money required for transport
  • Proper inventory management so the products does not stock up
  • Using effective project planning for efficient performance
  • Time scaling of equipments for further planning
  • Purging gratuitous steps in the processing chain
  • Computing each model to minimize failures
There are other areas for improvement too. These modifications, ask for professional help in any organization and thus an expert in lean manufacturing is required. An expert can evaluate the firm in and out and create customized plans according to it.
An online portal like SolutionBuggy facilitates organizations to find consultants for lean manufacturing and even in other vital areas. SolutionBuggy helps both the ways, for the organizations and for the consultants as well!

Competition today is neck-to-neck; companies can only thrive in the market if they offer the best price in the best time. To ensure this, they adopt lean production.
Many big industries and manufacturers have adopted the lean principles and they have been running better than ever. Take for Intel; it is the world’s largest computer chip maker. The factory manager in Ireland said that they used to take 14 weeks to introduce a new chip to their factory, but now with lean methodology it takes only 10 days.

What it all shows, that it has been effective! The lesser the use of time and money, the more the productivity yields. In many surveys, it has been found out that the processing steps of the companies are eating out the massive chunks of their inputs. In lean manufacturing, special emphasis is given to the reduction of these insignificant steps to save a ton.

Another great example that comes to mind is of a book printer in Maharashtra. The printer almost saved a million when someone from his factory asked him to change the font of the book. By changing the font of it, the owner saved a heap of cash as it was using lesser ink than in the previous font. The same content printed with lesser cost… how smart was that?

Improvising the process of manufacturing like these illustrates the importance of lean principles and how effective it could be. By adopting these, they do not only benefit the organization but it also does the job for the sustainability of environment by reduction of waste materials. This could be also a method of lean for a company where both of its aim of reduction and environment sustainability gets fulfilled with one dart!

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